Looking for Rainbows in Turbulent Times

I intend to write about things that are not beneficial, harmful, and need to be changed. However, there are also many good services, programs and people that I intend to highlight because too often, those who could benefit do not have the information to access and benefit, even though they or a family member is entitled.

For example, an accountant living in the suburbs of Toronto, who worked full time, was taking care of her elderly mother who lived nearby but could not grocery shop, do laundry, go to medical appointments or prepare anything other than coffee or microwavable items for herself. She was lonely and isolated but could not take public transit and could not afford taxis. Before her health problems, she worked for a few years, but now, she sat all day with only the phone, television and her daughter’s visits. This woman was eligible for the Federal Disability Tax credit. I encouraged the family to get the forms from CRA, have their doctor fill them in and apply retroactively to the onset of the health problems. The daughter was skeptical at first, saying her mother’s income was so low, it would be a lot of fuss for no benefit. However, the credit can be transferred to the caregiver. Eventually, this family received a significant amount of money, which they used to improve the elderly woman’s quality of life. Inspired, they applied and were approved for Wheel Trans ($2.00 per trip), and with a part time support worker, the woman was able to go to community seniors programs, where she even got lunch and snacks. This family moved to Canada from another country years ago and English was still a second language.

Another example I would like to highlight includes a university professor and her husband, also a professor, who have a similar story. The husband had a stroke a few years ago and could no longer work. He was eligible for the Disability Tax credit from that time, but no one had ever told them about it. As the caregiver, the credit was transferred to the wife. His wife continued to work part time. They also dipped into retirement funds. They were astonished to be successful, got retroactive payments from CRA and can benefit going forward every year.

I am a social worker/community advocate, not an accountant, but I urge everyone to contact your accountant if you have one and CRA to see if there are benefits you may be entitled to. Please check Canadabenefits.gc.ca or call 1-800-622-6232 and see if there are benefits you may not have known about.

I value any feedback on successes or failures that you would like to share that may help others in a similar situation. Feel free to contact me and reach out.