Living with Hypothyroidism

Many of us have lived our lives believing that it is okay and safe to trust doctors (the Hippocratic Oath above all, do no harm), dentists, lawyers, friendly mortgage brokers, bank managers, elected officials etc. They are professionals after all, not criminals, and are guided by the rules of conduct of their profession. While most of us in every walk of life here in Canada do take the high road and govern ourselves ethically, there are, unfortunately, those who do not.

Hypothyroidism. I have suffered from this disorder most of my life, and only in 2007 did I finally get a combination of good doctors and effective medication. While there is still room for improvement, I often wonder what my life could have been like if I got the right help back when I was young. My story would make a good documentary, but for now I want to urge anyone who has the following symptoms, or knows someone who fits the description, to check out Mary Shomon and also Hypothyroid Mom on Facebook. If you are fat and unable to lose weight despite eating healthy and exercising; if you have thin hair; if you have fine hair and/or bald spots; if you have very dry skin; if you are always cold and always tired; if you are depressed; if you are unable to concentrate, (brain fog we call it) –many of us for decades were told that the above are “our own fault.” This blaming the victim still goes on today.

Please learn and share. I welcome feedback from readers.