The Thyroid Fluoride Challenge

I have not posted for quite awhile but this past summer I came across some information, which dramatically changed my life. I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis decades ago, but regardless of which doctor or medication or change of dose, I was never symptom-free. Many of us with underactive thyroid problems have persistent symptoms that are often dismissed by doctors who tell you ”your blood tests are fine” and “within normal range.” Conversations usually were like this: ”Maybe you are eating too much of the wrong foods”, “try to exercise more”, “there’s nothing more to be done.” To the doctors, it was my fault and I was to blame. Their advice was “Just live with it.” So I did, although I sure didn’t like it!

This summer I stopped drinking diet colas and other soft drinks, which contain aspartame. I never used sweeteners or sugar for coffee so it was not a big effort on my part; no withdrawal, discomfort or cravings. Some research I had found indicated that artificial sweeteners could be harmful to some, especially to people taking thyroid medications. Within a few days of stopping, I felt a significant improvement. I felt more relaxed and was thinking more clearly. The heavy-duty symptoms were still there though, and there was never a day where they were all gone. With a little less of the brain fog that we in thyroid nation endure, more research followed. Thanks to Google and a local pharmacist, I learned for the very first time that fluoride can negatively affect the reliability and functioning of thyroid medications. Many countries have banned fluoride from being added to tap water. I found an affordable, pleasant clean tasting spring water with no fluoride at all, and I changed to a toothpaste without fluoride. I also decided to use spring water for tea and coffee, to cook pasta and rice and to wash fruits and veggies. Within a couple of days, everything was changed. To use an expression from my past, it really freaked me out.

The following is a partial list of what I lived with every day, and how I am today. After two months with no fluoride, that I am aware of (that’s a story for another time), take a look at how my life has improved:

  1. For the first time in more than thirty years, I went to sleep and woke up when it was getting light outside. No more disturbed sleep, waking up tired unsure how I would face the day and get everything done.
  2. No more pain and achy-tired feelings regardless of the weather.
  3. My blood pressure went from high to normal/optimum
  4. So far I have lost five pounds with no change in diet or amount of exercise.
  5. No brain fog.

There’s more, which I will describe next time.

Now back to the hypothyroid/fluoride challenge. I would like this information to reach as many people as possible. If anyone wants more information please contact me. I am not a doctor, so do check with your own doctor before undertaking such a feat. If anyone does try this and is willing to share results, please let me know.