The Thyroid Challenge – update 2

There are many thyroid patients who just aren’t feeling well, and share many of the same complaints and symptoms as myself, which means clearly, we are not making this stuff up, and no it’s not ”just in our heads.” As I described in the blogs dated April 6 and 25, 2017, I have had dramatic results from eliminating aspartame and other artificial sweeteners and fluoride from my diet. The fluoride battle is huge, because this toxic chemical is in tap water in Toronto, and many other places I visit when travelling. That means that coffee, tea and water served as a courtesy in many restaurants also have unknown amounts of fluoride in their water. Fruits and vegetables washed with what I now call, the ”f water,” also risk being contaminated. Rice and pasta freshly cooked in…you guessed it, also have this problem. I tried to find out how much fluoride is in the local tap water, and how and when it is measured, but so far no success.

But things are changing. Since the end of Feb 2017 this is what I am stunned but so happy to report:

I can stay up later, go out in the evening if I choose to, and sleep solid, restful and undisturbed by anxiety and wakefulness until morning. I have no diffuse aches and pains, way more energy, no constipation, fluid retention, or puffy abdomen and eye areas. My hair keeps growing!!!! It has grey now, yes, almost as much as my original dark brown, but I love it. My eyebrows and eyelashes are growing back. I even used mascara today for the first time in over twenty years! My blood pressure remains in the optimal to normal range, and my weight loss is slow, but steady, with no change in my usually healthy food choices. The no fluoride toothpaste I use does a great job, as my teeth are whiter, with no heartburn after brushing, which used to be a frequent occurrence with fluoridated toothpastes. Sometime soon I plan to have a section listing products that have helped me to encourage others to comment and share.

And one more thing to discuss: brain fog. Those of us who live in thyroid nation know what brain fog feels like. It is very difficult to concentrate, think clearly, and problem solve effectively; varying degrees of forgetfulness. It is an equal opportunity disorder, and it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, well educated or not, or what ethnic group, religion or private club you may belong to. I no longer have brain fog. Things that seemed so difficult for years are easily figured out now. Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back there are decisions I would never have made today, because I can finally think clearly again. I am grateful that I was able to work my way through high school and university and have a family before the diet cola and fluoride water started causing damage. Looking back I see that the damage was preventable and avoidable.

I am determined to get these facts out to as many people as possible. Life is precious.  I will not go the academic route and try to get funding for a study, as bureaucrats and politicians are not the best place to start. I encourage people to: 1. Read up on hypothyroidism, symptoms, diagnostic tests, medications, etc. 2. Stop consuming products with aspartame and fluoride to see if you have any improvements to your health and overall well-being.3. Consider sharing your experience.

I am not a doctor, so please find a doctor who will work with you. I am just telling my story because others might benefit from hearing my experience. There are quite a bit of evidence-based research papers on the thyroid/fluoride connections, and I will be sharing those links soon.

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