Life After Fluoride

Life after fluoride…. what’s it like to be detoxed from the fwater? About 18 months ago, I accidentally came across some information that changed my life. I tried to get some tech help to write a blog and you can read some of that at www.rainydaysocialinnovations .com I am a survivor and determined to share what I have been through, and learned so that others can benefit. I am grateful for the availability of the internet so that people can read, understand, try new ideas and decide for themselves if they see a benefit. Back in the day. if you shared a good idea with a colleague, they would often take it, develop it, get the credit, and wish you a nice day. If you went to a journalist with information that could benefit the public, they would usually take it, print it, become the ”expert on…..” and never even invite you for coffee. Politicians and bureaucrats would offer you a brief meeting, claim interest and concern, and avoid you after that. Ca etait la vie. So, here’s the plan….. there is a lot of very important info related to thyroid/fluoride and I will share it. Also, because the brain fog, aches and pains, low energy and more left me very vulnerable for some years, I was an easy target for the unscrupulous… and now I am going to share those stories as well (no names of course) well maybe pseudonyms. Oh, and more good news… in addition to being symptom-free I have also regained my sense of humour. Have been fortunate to finally meet an amazing, talented tech person so we are going to be a great team. More to come, soon!! A few ‘non-fluoride’ products below.

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