Is Fluoride Free Better for me?

Fluoride-free…..I haven’t posted for quite a while, for reasons which I may share one day. They would make a good comedy film. However, the great news is that I am still incredibly symptom-free, after 18 months of eliminating aspartame and fluoride from my life…No brain fog means I can think clearly again, make good decisions, analyze information and basically have my old cognitive assets back again. I sleep soundly every night, no more anxiety fatigue or pain and way more energy.   I am sharing this information because I  think a lot of people can be helped but do check with your doctor as I am not a medical professional. Dentists may be negative about stopping fluoride but they also thought mercury fillings were fine back in the day, however, do not use them now. If you choose to try, use non-fluoridated water and toothpaste for a few weeks, cook rice and pasta etc with it, wash fruits and veggies as well. Keep track of any changes. It’s unlikely that a few weeks without fluoride will harm teeth, you can always choose to resume, but it could have a significant effect on your quality of life…if you have the results I have had. I do not have any commercial ties to any product, and that way I can be completely candid. Please share with those who may be interested, and I look forward to hearing your stories about this challenge.” Is fluoride free better for me?”

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