Ontario’s Government Delivering on its Promise with $90 million Investment to Address Hallway Medicine

Sometimes its more likely that your car can and will get better and faster care than you, or someone you care about. We all know that caution is required when looking for a diagnosis and the costs for car repairs so we are not to become a victim of ”selling up”.

But not everyone has the radar to deal with a medical system that has for too long been” selling down”. In Ontario, I would even call it ”selling out”. For the last few years, I’ve been told  ”we don’t do annual exams anymore or preventive medicine…. if you have a concern we will deal with it at the time”.  As a social worker for decades, and in my own personal life, I have seen a lot of damage and unnecessary, untimely deaths resulting from a flawed health care system.  That is why I am so pleased to share these links and hopeful that the time has come for healthcare to enter the 21st century in a way that is beneficial for everyone. Food, housing, healthcare and quality of life for everyone is necessary, possible and not complicated. Meanwhile, congratulations and best wishes to the awesome team that’s been assembled. We will definitely be following and updating.

Today, Premier Doug Ford and Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, announced that Ontario is moving forward with building 6,000 new long-term care beds across Ontario. Read more on ending ‘hallway healthcare’ here.

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