Health matters

I am going to be posting about circumstances that we all encounter that may affect health and well being. There is a lot of information that could be valuable and I hope to connect the dots.I am however technologically challenged and have not had any luck so far finding a skilled  and  affordable tech helper.. So. will try to learn as we go.If you receive this and want to follow my posts about thyroid, flouride, mould toxicty(found in the best of condos )  please sign up .


Welcome to the first edition of this blog and I hope you will share.

What’s it all about?

When you see a film, listen to a piece of music, read a book or look at a painting, you glimpse the message, the emotion, that the artist is sharing. How do you use words to convey information about social problems and innovative solutions in a way that inspires and succeeds? I have spent many years helping individuals overcome their problems and obstacles and move on to happier, satisfied lives. I have also spent a lot of that time trying to impact communities to continuously evaluate and innovate services to the vulnerable. That has usually resulted in a few standard outcomes which I will describe more fully and with humour, in weeks to come. I will also share more about myself but to start, check out my book on Amazon called Urban Exiles: An Overview of Homelessness, and you can also ”check with the google” as my elderly neighbour advises.

There are many people who say “if I knew, I would have done something.” Then there are others who say “I don’t want to know, it’s not my problem.” I plan to describe, advocate, collaborate and continue to help. But as for having dinner and drinks, only with the first group. Thanks for stopping by,

Thanks for stopping by,

Lillian Freedman